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Amish Country 2015
Features twelve 9 1/2" X 12" Photos
Open calendar size 12" x 19"


AMISH COUNTRY 2015, features twelve (9½" X 12") breathtaking scenes from Holmes County, Ohio, the largest Amish settlement in the world. Internationally known photographer Doyle Yoder grew up and still resides here, surrounded by some of the most beautiful farm land to be found anywhere. Farm land originally settled by the Amish and farmed with magnificent teams of work horses, picturesque red or white barns with big wood framed farm houses, dot every homestead for miles. Valleys untouched by electric lines with dirt roads leading off around the bends and through the hills in all directions. Yards filled with gorgeous flower gardens and life lived much the same way today, as our forefathers did a century ago.

Enjoy the seasons of Amish Country... Children enjoying a bob sled ride home from school on a snowy winter day, a young folks group riding their horses on a trail ride. Neighbors getting together for threshing with power provided by a steam tractor. And, all of this in some of the most awesome scenery that Amish Country has to offer as vividly depicted in the intense colors of the autumn photos. All brought to you by Holmes County’s award winning photographer, Doyle Yoder

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4" x 6" with new sayings, quotes and 366 new photos from Amish communities across the USA.

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