Limited Edition AMISH COUNTRY JIGSAW PUZZLES... $10.95

Introducing the ultimate Jigsaw Puzzles right from the hills of Holmes Co. 1000 pieces jigsaw puzzle for ages 12 and up If you enjoy a challenging puzzle, have we got a treat for you! Five scenes, from Holmes County, OH in puzzle form. Enjoy them over and over again! Each puzzle has 1000 interlocking pieces for ages 12 and up, and measures 20" X 27" - perfect for framing. Production limited to 10,000 puzzles. Previous jigsaw puzzles that are still available

#JP1000-35 - Master's Bouquet
This photo was taken near Berlin, Ohio showing a two seated buggy passing a masterfully grown rose bush.

#JP1000-36 - Milk Hack
This photo was taken in a valley near Berlin, Ohio where a farmer is returning home after delivering milk to the Guggisburg Cheese House.

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#JP1000-34 - Working on the Farm
This photo taken near Charm, Ohio shows a team of Belgian horses pulling the manure spreader up the lane to the fields.

#JP1000-37 - Stutzman's Crossing
The Stutzman's Crossing Covered Bridge is a new highway bridge located at Walnut Creek, Ohio, named after Holmes County's first Amish settler Jonas Stutzman.

#JP1000-38 - Colorful Curve
The awesome fall scenery in Ohio's Amish Country is highlited by this buggy coming around a colorful curve on the way to New Bedford..

#JP1000-39 - Clothes Vine
Hanging up dresses to dry under the grape vine is a convenient location close to the basement wash room at this farm house near Trail, Ohio..